Versatile Blogger Award

I am very pleased to say that I’ve been given a Versatile Blogger Award by the splendid Nivedita AKA Curiosity and the Cat ( Thank you!


I understand that if I accept the Versatile Blogger Award, I need to:
“Nominate 10-15 other bloggers
Inform them of this amazing award bestowed upon them
Share 7 random facts about myself
Thank the blogger who awarded me (complete with the link)”

Here’s some random nonsense:

1. I’m a pescetarian

2. I’ve lost over 3 stones with Weightwatchers

3. I want to write a book but I’m too scared to try

4. I am slightly obsessed with owls

5. I’m an expert procrastinator

6. I’m very happily married (7 years tomorrow – Happy Anniversary BH!)

7. I enjoy Kung-fu movies and Japanese horror

Here goes, my nominations are, in random order: (www. ……..

Lydia Street (lydiastreetdotcom) – beautiful garden and home posts from Christe and Dianna

Born to Organise (gardeningnirvana) – Alys writes a fun, postively inspiring gardening and life blog

Slim Nexus (thenexuscore) – aquarist, gardener, budding linguist and all round project obsessive (and helpful with fish questions!)

Silver Bells (silverbells2012) – Helen’s lovely garden blog with some really great photos and inspiration

Suburban Eye Feast (suburbaneyefeast) – fun, positive posts about beauty products, ‘how to’s, with a bit of life and family thrown in

Devon Morton’s Reef Tank Blog ( – a dream tank from an experienced reef aquarist

Dust Tracks on the Web (dusttracks) – amazing, prolific and stunningly beautiful wildlife photography

Book Volunteer (oxfamwilmslow) – reminds me what great and weird books there are out there, with great reviews

Casual Natural Southern Feminist (casualnatural) – varied blog with fine opinion posts, love it

Romancing the Bee (romancingthebee) – recipes, plants, bees, what more do you need?!

Quratzafar (quratzafar) – excellent, atmospheric story writing

I hope I have got all your details down correctly but please let me know if not! I’m really enjoying blogging and reading your posts too so thanks!


24 responses

  1. Thanks for nominating me. I’m really flattered and delighted that you like my blog. Personally, I find it a bit hard going at times and there’s nothing more restorative than a bit of praise! I love your blog too, in particular because you’re so positive and optimistic and your plants are so lovely. It does me good when I see the slug devastation in my garden ( I try not to put down too many organic slug pellets because I love the toads in the garden and worry about their health) to be reminded of the beauty and the potential.

    I’m going to be slow about nominating my awards because I’ve been thinking about the maths. If everyone accepts an award and nominates 10 others within a week it will only take a couple of months to make 100m awards …and there are only 25m word press bloggers!

    • You are indeed a thoughtful blogger and yes the number of nominations is interesting! It’s nice to know that you are there to comment or advise on gardening matters. I think your blog is great but you have set yourself quite a target for your posts. I hope you print and display your reviews in the shop!

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