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My husband and I built an 8ft x 6ft flat-pack greenhouse over a Bank Holiday weekend in 2012. Making a proper start on the garden that year, I wanted to make plans and keep a record of our hard and not-so-hard work: this blog.

We have big plans for such a small space and have made progress so far without having to spend too much money. The greenhouse was a gift, most of our veg is grown from seed or plants swapped or bought at the locally. Seed and potting compost along with the odd pack of seeds we can’t resist is usually a local Aldi purchase. When the greenhouse went up, we had a huge hoard of plant pots and other useful bits and pieces that are still in use. Thrift is good!

The garden is an odd shape at the back of the house, with fencing on three sides and a corner of a neighbour’s garage jutting into it.  The big plan is to work around any obstacles and grow some tasty food and lovely flowers and plants on a budget.

I’ve even learned how to deal with an overload of crops or disappointments like tomato blight: I can make a great piccalilli and green tomato chutney. As for the elderflower champagne…well I’ll leave you to have a look back at those posts or wait for news of the 2015 batch.

Happy gardening and greenhousing for 2015 to all the blog buddies I’ve made and to those I’ve yet to meet!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Have you come across the garden mirrors at http://www.primrose.co.uk? We have a strange house – large and technically a semi detached but more that it was a large house divided in two. We have a garden mirror to break up a party wall and are really pleased with the effect. For added benefit, it makes anyone standing at our front door look much thinner than they really are. It sounded as though this might be of interest where your neighbour’s garage juts into your garden?

    • Thanks! It is a happy photo and I am laughing despite looking grubby in my garden clothes! I like your garden post, your father-in-law has a great garden, well done for pinching some of his plants! I’d like to see a picture after all your garden work.

  2. I look forward to following your blog. We had a ‘hothouse’ for a number of years and the quality of food and sense of accomplishment was unparalleled.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking it.


  3. I think that’s so fantastic to have your own little greenhouse, will you have to have a fan for circulation? I worked at a greenhouse near my home for 3 seasons, it was wonderful and colorful, but did get extreemely warm inside. The have giant fans that keep the temp at a constant. Thanks for stopping by so many posts at Boomdeeadda, I will hope to have more garden related posts when we find our way into a home.

    • Thanks for having a look at my blog too! I don’t have a fan for the greenhouse but I have been opening the window/vent most days. If we’ve had a super hot day I’ll leave the door open a little too…but being Northern England we don’t get too many hot days! I hope you find a nice house and I look forward to reading about your gardening exploits (as well as others)!

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  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have enjoyed reading yours too! And your aquarium blog is wonderful – always wanted to have an aquarium, as we had one growing up. ~maria

    • Hi Alys, so nice of you to send a message! Yes things are okay here although I’ve been a hermit over Winter. I plan to head out to the garden very soon so thank you, I’ll use this as a prompt to post! I hope all is well with you too x

      • Winter can certainly have that affect on people. We’ve had virtually no winter to speak of, which sounds good on the surface but it’s not. We’re heading into year four of our drought with two dry months back to back. I wish you could send us some of your rain.

        I will look forward to seeing your updates. xox

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